Products & Fields
1Cylinder Tube Series

Seamless steel tubes with high precision and brightness produced by cold-drawing, honing, or skiving & rolling processes are mainly used for the production of hydraulic or pneumatic components.


Due to its low weight and guarantee of tensile and yield strength, it is frequently used in the production of precision mechanical components and other engineering structures.


2CNC Skiving & Roller Burnishing Machine Series

Mainly applicable to the processing of hydraulic cylinder barrel bore.


Self-developed, using the advanced boring and rolling compound processing technology, with reciprocating once can complete the boring, rolling function, processing accuracy can reach IT8 grade, surface roughness up to Ra0.05-0.2μm.

3Rolling Boring Head Series

It is a kind of tool for processing the inner hole in metal processing, mainly applicable to the processing of the inner wall of the cylinder block.


It can effectively simplify the tool adjustment procedure and improve production efficiency while also greatly improving product quality and lowering the scrap rate.